Returning Residents for Jamaican Citizens

The updated Returning Citizens’ Information Guide is being forwarded for your attention.

It should be noted that the Guide includes inter alia:

  • Eligibility for Returning Resident Status
  • Documentary Requirements (General, students and involuntarily returned migrants)
  • Procedures for clearance of unaccompanied baggage
  • Regulations for the importation of cats and dogs
  • Procedures for the importation of motor vehicles
  • Updated directory of Returning Residents Associations in Jamaica
  • Allowances for duty-free importation of personal and household effects


Embassy and Permanent Mission of Jamaica

to the United Nations and Other International Organisations at Geneva

Avenue de France 23

1202 Geneva


Tel: 0041 (0)22 908-0768/(0)22 908-0760

Fax: 0041 (0)22-738-4420


Inspiring fellow from Jamaican! Her name is Deniese Dennis, book’s author living France

We are happy to share this month’s interview with you of another inspiring fellow Jamaican! Her name is Deniese Dennis, an uprising children book’s author living in neighboring France. Here’s a little of her story:

What is the story behind you coming to France/Switzerland?

My husband Bo is Dutch. We got tired of doing the long-distance relationship, so when he moved here for work we decided to move the family here as well.

What does writing children books mean to you?

Writing has always been an important part of my life and self-expression. I remember how important reading was to me as a child. It opened up the world to me and created new possibilities. It is my hope to be able to inspire children as well. For me it is a way of capturing and preserving memories and moments whether they be real or imagined.

Where does your inspiration for your stories come from?

My inspiration comes from different places. Some of it from my own childhood and some of it from my interaction with children. I want to use my writing to capture what it means to grow up in rural Jamaica, the beauty, innocence and challenges of that experience.

If you were to send a message to the children in Jamaica, about their dreams and hopes for the future, what would you tell them?

There will be times when no one else might believe in your dream, but do not allow that to stop you. In those moments be your biggest fan, don’t be afraid to encourage yourself, never give up on yourself, even if you mess up or make mistakes keep believing in you and in your dreams. If you can believe then your actions will reinforce what is inside of you and you will find ways to get there.

I believe that God created each of us with a specific purpose, he has given us the unique talents we need to create that destiny. Dream big, God is a big God and his plans for you are bigger than you can imagine. Pray always and commit your dreams and desires to him, he will show you the way forward and when he does, don’t let fear stop you from doing it and taking a chance because your path might be different from others and that is ok.

What about Jamaica do you miss the most?

Where do I start. I miss a lot of things about Jamaica.

My family I think I miss the most. It is hard not being able to see my mom whenever I want. I also miss the food, my mother’s cooking, the flavour and the spices that makes our food unique.

I miss the tropical climate. My best memories of home include the endless hours we spent as kids at the river.

What about your new life here do you appreciate the most?

I think being with my husband has been the best part of being here. The fact that we have finally been able to live together and get pregnant has been a big blessing.

I also love how multicultural and diverse the population here is. Our friends are from various nationalities and that keeps things interesting.

When can we expect your next book?

I am hoping to have my next book completed by the end of 2018. However, I am not too set on a deadline as I am pregnant and also want to focus on my baby and family.

JamRock Grocery Jamaican oxtail recipe


2 kg oxtail cut is small pieces’
4 tablespoons of cooking
3 tablespoons DUNN’S RIVER Caribbean Everyday Seasoning
3 tablespoons DUNN’S RIVER All Purpose Seasoning
3 chopped onion,
3 diced tomatoes,
3 chopped carrots
3 teaspoon of black pepper,
3 tablespoon of chopped garlic,
1 tablespoon of pimento seed,
1 scotch bonnet,
2 teaspoon browning,
1 bunch of fresh thyme,
1/2 chopped green sweet pepper,
½ chopped red sweet pepper.


1.Seasoning oxtail with all DUNN’S RIVER SEASONINGS and black pepper.(Set aside)
2.In a sauce pan ,heat oil on a medium heat.
3.Place pieces of oxtail into the oil and fry until brown on both side.
4. Remove from pan.
5. Add 2 onion ,garlic,thyme stir for about a minute.
6. Add the scotch bonnet pepper ,tomatoes,pimento and stir for a minute.
7. Add about 10 cups of water bring to a boil about 3 hour .
Occasionally stirring the sauce pan.
8. About 30 min before finish control the texter of the meat then add
Remaining onion ,sweet pepper and browning .Let simmer to thick sauce.

Welcome the Warmth – JAS BBQ

To welcome the warmth we will hosted your first BBQ

Welcome the Warmth we will hosted your first BBQ for 2018 on Sunday April 29th at the residence of board members Jamrock in Vallorbe. The event begins at 1:00pm.

JAS Social Gathering at Les Vaudois

On the 24th February as we made our way to Le Vaudois in Lausanne, we were wondering if we had betrayed our beloved green gold and black flag by venturing out for a social event in the mid-winter. Our natural “keep warm at any cost” mental state was fighting the adventurous nature in us. However, the thought of sharing time and laughter with our fellow Jamaicans kept us going.
We arrived at Place de la Riponne, and saw the welcoming green awning of Le Vaudois calling out to us from across the street. Of course, we’d arrived for the 4pm event a little later than we planned, but ah suh it go, right? Once there, in true Jamaican fashion, there was a wide representation from every age group, and as the afternoon progressed, it felt so much like a home away from home.
The room we had was what they call a “carnotzet” in Vaud, and being underground we felt cosy and protected. The meeting was soon officially started with Warren Wallace moderating, and the Jamaica Association in Switzerland was presented by Rashid Hall, our president. The objectives of our association for the year were outlined. One of the successful charity projects in Jamaica was highlighted, and we enjoyed the happy and grateful photos of faces from home that we were able to assist. This was the White Hall Primary School in St. Thomas where we installed a water tank as per their request for assistance, and this will help them to carry on with their classes after heavy rains as they will now have access to clean water. Even these small projects make a difference in the lives of our fellow Jamaicans.
To follow, we were delighted to hear the presentation on “Diaspora” from Quam Byll-Cataria. Quam is a fitness coach and has his own business. Now Quam is a quiet storm, underneath that cool veneer, we learned that he has a wealth of positivity and he was glad to impart to us that there are “so-suh” opportunities waiting for us in the Swiss culture. You have something unique to offer! And doing business is Switzerland is a serious thing, as they often have business top of mind and a good level of respect for earning a decent living. Quam has truly got a good grasp of his multicultural identity and is proud to encourage and share.
Under the subject of “Beyond – UN” we were lucky to get a veteran of the system run us through the general structure of the United Nations. Beverly Byfield is a smooth orator, and showed us how huge the UN network really is, naming some of the principal agencies that are offshoots of the main organisation. Some of the history of the organisation evolving from the League of Nations was contextualised, and the importance for this entity succeeding where the League of Nations failed was emphasized. Peace is indeed fragile and must be protected, as well as human rights. One take away from this presentation is that despite the systems in place, minority nations are still under-represented in the UN. Our diverse point of view is necessary to make this system speak for everyone. This is valuable information to share – encourage your friends and family to seek positions!
Nasser Johnson gave the closing remarks, and he was also responsible for the technical set-up where we were able to see the internet pages displayed, and hear some music from home. Mario Detraz walked around taking photographs for our website. The lead project manager was Warren, who organized the event. A good time was had by all – thank you Warren!

Samuel Durrleman a young Jamaican star in Switzerland

We’re delighted to share another amazing story, highlighting the talent of a young Jamaican boy living in Switzerland.

His name is Samuel Durrleman. He is 10 years old and was born from a Jamaican mother, Stephanie, and a French/Swiss father, Mathieu. Stephanie Durrleman was born and raised in Kingston. She attended Priory before moving to Paris at age 16 to learn French. Further justifying Paris’ title of city of love, Stephanie met her husband in the French capital and the rest is history. They have three children together and have been residing in Switzerland for 25 years. The Durrleman family currently resides in Geneva and Samuel has made the Jamaican community proud with his achievements yes, but mostly with his maturity and commitment to excellence at this young age.

Samuel Durrleman photo having funSamuel’s mother, being a linguist, wanted her son to learn several languages, and therefore had him change schools to enrol in Ecole Moser where they provide a trilingual program in French, German and English. It wasn’t easy at first, adapting to a new environment and trying to make friends.

However, life has a way to help to find a path in every situation. It so happens that Ecole Moser’s facilities provided table tennis tables, and Samuel thought sport might be a good way to help him socialize with his new schoolmates. He started playing table tennis and eventually joined the school tournament, and…won!

“Mummy, you need to buy a large Lindt chocolate bar for my friend…I beat him in the school tournament” Samuel said to his mom. What an inspiring story, and this is just the beginning!

Samuel had found something he liked. He wanted to play more table tennis and therefore his parents signed him up in a table tennis club in Geneva. He started practicing seriously. He even turned down playdates with his schoolmates because he wanted to practice. What an amazing level of maturity and commitment at such a young age!Samuel Durrleman playing tennis

Eventually, the club signed him up in a pre-selection competition. It was a long tournament, over three hours. When Samuel’s mom came for the last hour she was surprised to see all these people cheering for her at-the-time 9-year-old son! He had won the pre-selection and had therefore qualified for the next stage! Stephanie could hardly believe it, but Samuel tapped into the power of the universe, that will help you achieve anything in life you put your mind to.

Samuel went on to compete in three other competitions, to finally become the player representing Canton Geneva at the Swiss Final of the Gubler School Trophy in Schöftland (Canton Aargau in the Swiss German part)

Can you guess what happened next?
Samuel won the Swiss Final

Yes, exactly! Samuel won the Swiss Final of the Gubler School Trophy in his age category! Amazing!

And it doesn’t end here. Samuel has made many friends at his new school and is now playing competitive table tennis. Currently he sometimes has to play by level and not by age, meaning that now at age 10 it can happen that he is confronted with 16 year-olds! Furthermore, Samuel was invited to train at the national sport center in Macolin, which is located in canton Bern. This is where future Swiss champions train, so look out for Samuel Durrleman in the coming years, he’s set up a bright future ahead for himself.

What a beautiful, powerful and inspirational story. Here’s the take away for this month: no matter your current situation and circumstances, the universal forces will make a way for you if you only believe. Keep moving forward, keep faith, and doors will open up for you!

This year’s first votation will take place on Sunday

Switzerland is considered to be one of the most democratic countries in the world and the population votes as often as four times a year on matters of all sorts. This year’s first votation will take place on Sunday, March 4 with two federal items (in addition to the federal items, some cantons, such as canton Vaud, also have cantonal items to submit to the cantonal population for a vote on the same day).


Glaze ham (Jamrock grocery style)

Red Peas Soup recipe ( Swiss Style)


1 handful brown sugar
1 handful mustard
Honey to taste
1 cup of cider vinegar
Mixed all together then put on stove to simmer down.


Remove ham from stove cool then rince under cold water .Take off the skin from the ham make diamond shape put in oven to get brown colour.
Remove from oven spoon the glaze over repeat more than once add cherries and pineapple on top for decoration.