Events 2018

JAS Social Gathering at Les Vaudois

On the 24th February as we made our way to Le Vaudois in Lausanne, we were wondering if we had betrayed our beloved green gold and black flag by venturing out for a social event in the mid-winter. Our natural “keep warm at any cost” mental state was fighting the adventurous nature in us. However, the thought of sharing time and laughter with our fellow Jamaicans kept us going.
We arrived at Place de la Riponne, and saw the welcoming green awning of Le Vaudois calling out to us from across the street. Of course, we’d arrived for the 4pm event a little later than we planned, but ah suh it go, right? Once there, in true Jamaican fashion, there was a wide representation from every age group, and as the afternoon progressed, it felt so much like a home away from home.
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JAS Potluck in Vallorbe (April 29th)

To “Welcome the Warmth” we will be hosting what we hope will be your first BBQ for 2018 on Sunday April 29th at the residence of board members Francois& Margaret Detraz in Vallorbe. The event begins at 1:00pm. Let us know what you will carry!!

Today we launch our upcoming fundraising fete!!! The proceeds will help to build bathrooms at the Hodges Land Basic School for children in St Elizabeth, Jamaica!